Im Ryan, Rayan in Sanskrit. I am a 21 year old Reiki II attuned Healer of the Usui Reiki system of healing on my own journey to enlightenment and spiritual growth.

may the energy of the universe be present.
may only good come to me
may only good come through meॐ

☞Snake Juice Cocktail Recipe (From Parks & Rec)☜



In our latest episode of Maybe Wil Wheaton Will Show Up, we threw a Parks & Rec party complete with our own version of Tom Haverford’s drink, SNAKE JUICE from the Snakehole Lounge, in the episode “The Fight.” You guys, I’m not gonna lie… it was majorly good. Like, for reals. So we thought…


✨ SHRI KRISHNA ✨"May Krishna, the spiritual master of the three worlds, protect us. Continually bow down to Krishna. Krishna has killed all our enemies. Obeisances to Krishna. From Krishna alone this world has come into being. I am the servant of Krishna. This entire universe rests within Krishna. O Krishna, please protect me!"~Mukunda-mala-stotra 43

Golden Rays by lukesimpson

one with nature☮

by  pureblindingcolour

shifting hues 
by pureblindingcolour
Its Jerga season :D

Luang Prabang, Laos | by KS Chew