Im Ryan, Rayan in Sanskrit.( it means little king, or prince.) :P I am a 21 year old Reiki Healer and Light Worker on my own journey to enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Myself and My good friend Anthony are preparing to hike The Appalachian trail this summer with the intention of self growth and finding ourselves, nature and God. OH AND WE BE POSTING OFTEN!

love and light to you all ॐ

This is my absolute favorite hoodie I own and its waay more comfortable than a jerga which is crazy to hear comming from me cuuz I fucking love jergas

Surat Thani, Thailand

Gudbrandsjuvet (by Youronas)

mostly nature

(via by Sameer Gupta)

The Divine Name of God has miraculous powers. Once faith in it is fully established in the heart, then the spiritual progress goes on at a rapid pace. The Divine Name not only grants progress in life by freeing us from worry, fear, sorrow and pain, but also fills us with everlasting peace, joy and bliss.